BRS 38

BRS 38 - High-performance circular blade slicer made of stainless steel for effortless and flexible slicing of bread.


It's your choice

Bizerba BRS 38 offers a wide range of options to cut long or round breads (up to a diameter of 11.8”) fast, precisely and very hygienically into slices of varying thicknesses. As it is more flexible than grid set machines you may cut the exact number of slices required by the customer. The BRS 38 is the perfect slicer, ideally suited for customers wishing to buy partial loaves.

Easy and clear operation

The Bizerba Bread Slicer is an universal machine which cuts all kinds of breads (especially hard and crusty breads) into individual slices of a required thickness, simply set by pressing the +/- keys. Three slice thicknesses may immediately be called up via the memory keys. A special product clamp guarantees small end pieces of bread.

Clean slicing

The BRS 38 meets the highest hygiene requirements and offers best cleaning options. Due to lubrication-free mechanism an easy and fast cleaning is guaranteed.Thus, the growth of mold, which comes up frequently, is efficiently avoided. To your customers' satisfaction the cut bread stays fresher for longer.